Welcome to Continuous Growth Life Coaching… a place with no limits! Continuous Growth Life Coaching offers counselling and coaching services to clients in need of emotional, psychological and spiritual support.

Have you been thinking about making a change in your personal life? Perhaps you want to discover more about who you really are and find out what your unique identity and purpose in the world is? Maybe self-doubt and low-self esteem has been weighing you down?

At Continuous Growth Life Coaching, you will be equipped and empowered to overcome personal challenges through Personal Development Coaching and Counselling. Personal growth is essential in life as we are either growing or wilting. You have the choice and your attitude determines your success.

Perhaps you want to make a new career move or you want to start up a new business? You may also require business development? Business and Career Development Coaching allows you to discover and identify your passion or new direction so that you can thrive and not just survive! When your career fulfils you, you will experience contentment, gratification and happiness, whereby your positive energy will be passed on to everyone you meet. This results in great relationships and improved quality of life.

Student Development and Girls Coaching assures that teenagers and students are skilled to adequately handle, cope and manage daily teenage pressures including peer pressure, personal identity and body image, sexuality and dating, social media dangers, as well as dealing with emotions, school work and career choices. “Girl Talk” is the Girls Development Coaching course which is offered during the school holidays in a group facilitation setting. Please send us an inquiry for further information.