Free Information Session!

If you're unsure of what you need, we can have a 30 minute free information session to get you on your way!

You may be wondering how everything works? If you are interested in hearing more about life coaching, our first meeting is a FREE Information Session.

The FREE Information Session is a 30 minute meeting where we discuss what coaching is and how coaching will help you. After the FREE Information Session, we then speak about whether you are comfortable and happy with my coaching style and approach, and whether you would like to continue with life coaching.

Initial Coaching Assessments and Package Deals will be discussed in person. All coaching packages have a specific layout and structure according to the package deal. I do customize packages and include coaching on topics/challenges you would like included in your sessions.

Perhaps you wish to have counselling sessions? A Counselling Assessment is conducted on our first meeting to establish with what we will be working. Thereafter, counselling sessions are weekly, and both counselling and coaching sessions are 90 minutes long.

I am certain that after reading about this fantastic offer, you have made the best decision for yourself. I look forward to meeting with you, facilitating your growth and assisting you on your coaching or counselling journey!